Join the Team

Below are links to forms we have created for anyone who is interested in becoming a part of our team:

General Membership
Do you want to:

Become a General Member


  • Receive notifications on our latest posts?
  • Receive information about discussions and events?
  • Participate in polls and surveys?
  • Perform at a Illino event?
  • Volunteer to plan/execute events?


Do you want to:

Become a  Writer


  • Be featured in our Public Journal?
  • Start your own Private Journal?
  • Perform your writing at a Illino event?





Become an Editor

Do you want to:

  • Edit other peoples’ work?
  • Groom young writers?





Become an ambassador



Do you want to:

  • Share posts about Illino’s activities on social media and with those around you?
  • Help us reach more people by creating and executing publicity events/programs?



Executive Board

Join the Executive Board

The e-board is usually full, but will notify you if there’s an open position, or if a sub-committee is to be opened for any reason:

  • Plan and execute events and discussions
  • Manage social media platforms
  • Manage Ìtànwa diaries
  • Conduct interviews
  • Ensure the promotion of realization of the organization’s mission and vision
  • publicity events/programs

Project Team: By the People

“By the People” (BTP) is an educational project created by Illino Cultural Association. Through this project, we look to educate Nigerians on the structure of our government; to use this education to influence meaningful contribution to the Nigerian democratic system. By the People will have online and in-person activities from November 2018 to January 2019. The demands of this project have pushed us to open new positions on our team (specifically for this project). Below is the link to a form that you should fill if you are interested in becoming a part of the BTP Team:

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