About Us

Illino Cultural Association is a youth-driven organization which aims to promote the study, preservation and innovative use of Nigerian culture. At Illino, we believe that the indigenous culture is invaluable in national development: we use cultural studies to mould nationalist ideals and therefore a united identity, as well as to inspire sustainable innovation. Through our work, we look to create a Nigeria where culture, unity and sustainable innovation work hand-in-hand.

Our Mission & Vision Statement.

Illuminate, Inspire, Innovate.

To use art to illuminate the beauty in Nigerian culture; to inspire Nigerian youth to engage themselves with the advancement of the country through cultural and leadership education; to work towards influencing culturally-informed sustainable development in Nigeria.

What we do




We are comitted to the study, preservation and innovative use of Nigerian culture. Our team has created a research-based creative arts program, through which we create narratives that entertain youth while educating them on indigenous culture.

Our Co-Curricular Activity


We are launching our revised co-curricular program which allows youth to explore the interaction between indigenous culture, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our Voluntary Organization

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We are working to tie of other youth-driven groups in Lagos together under one voluntary association. We are strongly encouraged by these groups and their work, and we believe that together, we can push each other much further in excellence.