Calling all the Writers!

*Note that this is an unpaid position*

Illino is creating a group of committed writers to create short stories (and/or novelettes) and poems from September to December 2018. We look to create a diverse community of writers who will create narratives that immerse their readers in Nigerian culture.

Illino’s work requires writers are to do research on indigenous culture through Illino’s model, to create their content. Previous writing experience is required, research experience is not.

Illino Writers are expected to:
-Research indigenous culture and produce a summary of said research
-Produce writing influenced by this research
-Take initiative and work independently
-Be available for 5-10 hours each week to work on their project
-Work on their stories actively from September 1st 2018 till December 15th 2018

Preferably, Illino writers are:
-Immersed in indigenous culture
-Proficient in an indigenous language (and able to write in this language)

Sign Up here

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