Nigerian: Arinola Ososanya

NEPA no fit bring light. We don taya o,

we sidon for our stuffy parlours, generators dey pour smoke pepper eyes.

Instead make police punish Boko dem dey give dem Coke and biscuit,

even after dem kidnap innocent girls, with many wey dem never find.

Governors and Senators dey pocket country money like say na pocket money,

con leave us with bad roads wey dey swallow lives.

Education na enjoyment. Na only dem pipu wey get money fit get am,

the rest of dey wonder wetin go happen tomorrow.

Rice and stew with good meat wey we bin dey enjoy; no be everybody o;

for some people, na manage to eat beta food every few weeks.

Inside church dem go  preach say make woman keep herself until husband come,

outside church pastors work be to follow small small girls dey and to carry person wife.

After we dey shout “JUSTICE!” “WE DON TAYA!” “JUSTICE!”,

we still dey vote based on empty promises.

Now we sidon like mumu dey watch how the thing go come finish us.

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