Should I say something…?

Imagine you’re a child in Primary 3. Your mom drops you off at school early, and submit all your assignments. You keep your bag in your locker, and get out your books for class. You sit in front jejely. As the teacher is about to start, you felt a burning sensation run up your neck. You look back to see a short fair girl with stubby fingers and her hair plaited into a rough all-back, sticking her tongue out at you. This Sulia girl has been trying to get your attention for the longest time, but this is taking it too far.

You ignore her, and continue to do so for the rest of the day. She tries to talk to you during break, but you’re not having it. She tells you she’ll write your name as a noisemaker if you don’t talk to her, but you still ignore her.

When Sulia’s parents come to pick her up, they find her crying. From the window near the teacher’s deck, you hear them accuse you of hitting Sulia and stealing her snacks from her lunch box!

Your parents show up. Before you can sneak them out of school, your teacher calls them into the class and tells them the bogus story. In your mother’s rant, she eventually shouts, “okay so explain yourself”

Your parents promise to deal with you, so you start crying on the way home. As soon as you get into the house, your father angrily turns to you and asks, “I haven’t even done anything to you. What is making you cry?”

You eventually explain the situation to your parents, and they call your teacher. She responds, saying “so you are calling me a liar! I am lying on you right?”

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