Hand In Hand – Mojolaoluwa Oke

Broken down car on the roadside,

Car catches fire on the highway,

Stuck while traveling to another state,

Help will be coming your way.

In Nigeria, help will always come your way

As anyone you meet on the street

Instantly becomes a brother after you greet

And will help you to the best of his ability

Without expecting anything in return.

This is called unity.

And it’s this unity that gives people

The sense of responsibility

To ensure the safety of each person they see

Not even meet, but witness, going through a calamity.

It’s this sense of unity that dissolve tribal walls,

Connect the fissures between the languages,

Lift the flag of green, white, green,

With which anyone identifies is brethren,

A loved one despite being seen for the first time,

A little sibling that will always be protected

Despite not even knowing the name of.

Always on standby, ready to assist,

It’s as if we people are living to uplift

Each other, because we guard

Each other.

Language differences,

Cultural idiosyncrasies,

Religious beliefs,

Are no match for Nigerians’ sense of unity,

Our unwavering brother-and-sisterhood,

Our unity within the calamity,

Our readiness to put ourselves on the line

To aid a stranger without the bat of an eye.


Over three hundred languages exist,

Yet it is one country that persists.

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