April 28th: Aesthetics VS Function

Date: 28th April 2018 Time: 1-2:00 PM GMT+1 Location: The Perspective Movement General Body Whatsapp groupchat Some topics to be discussed: Why are certain things considered beautiful, as opposed to others? Did a trend-setter start them? Do certain aspects of beauty conform to this society’s general reasoning? Or do they change these? Are things considered "beautiful" ultimately beneficial … Continue reading April 28th: Aesthetics VS Function

April 21st: The Evolution of Beauty in Nigeria

Date: April 21st 2018 Time: 1-2:30 PM GMT+1 Location: ThePerspectiveMovementNG Instagram Live Chat Details: This event is essentially an interactive talk on what beauty has looked like historically in Nigeria, in different tribes and locations, at different times, and within the different genders.  How to join the discussion Follow us on Instagram @theperspectivemovement ,and you should receive a … Continue reading April 21st: The Evolution of Beauty in Nigeria