The Beginning From The End – Pelumi Grillo

Ta ,Ta, Ta…

A reminder of the drum,

The land swimming of human flies

Now filled with red water..

Cheers! To the doom we never expected

But invested.


All we see cultivated at the farm

Not one true hoe left.


Woe! Come let us rejoice!

Woe! It is the tears of happiness!

For unto us is a result.

Come let us amplify the beginning,

Let know what happened to Our gay land,

A land whose beauty put to shame Eden

Whose purity outshines paradise,

For the end is the beginning of our desolation.




Digging down, dangerously draining in destruction,

Let us trace the ale we followed.

The enemy we aided.

All for the lust of diamond

Depositing our creator

In search of a revolution .

Ah! What an illusion I must say

Fermented is now our brains!

If possible let thunder rain.


The tale is ours to tell .

Secrets ours to bury .

Despite the burning love

Our development was on lust

And now we ourselves are lost.


So should I say the beginning is the end?

Or the end is the beginning ?

Or the end is what we see ?

And we are earnestly awaiting the beginning

On this papyrus I place my answer


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