Dear Mother Nigeria,

I bear grave news

News that has traveled and reached the leafy ears of Mother Nature

I bring it to you before you hear it from the whispers of the wind

Or from the walls that gossip

Your children have gone astray

Your sons have defiled the nations

While your daughters turn their eyes inside out

They have lusted for confidence in the wrong way

And brought shame to the land.

They have fed their mouths with the meat of our ancestors

While the ancestors wail

Wallowing  and screaming in their graves

Mother Nigeria

They come

They will soon come

Come to punish the sinners

The sinners of the land

But I fear

They will punish the innocent as well

The ones who have tilled the soil

Your daughters who have cared for you

Washed your back when you couldn’t

Fed your mouth with kindness

Your sons who have graced your feet with pearls and gems

And crowned you with diligence

I appeal they not be punished

I appeal that you redeem the sinners

Forgive them of their sins

Appease the ancestors with your grace

But teach the sinners a lesson

A lesson

Retribution comes with a price

Comfort the innocent

Do not let them be anxious

Hold them in your hands

Labor yields fruit

I hope this letter reaches you in good health

From your diasporic daughter.

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