TPM: Hello. What’s your full name please? You can add a nickname that you like.
Busola: My name is Oluwabusolami Fadipe, but most people call me Busolami.
TPM: That’s a beautiful name. It means “add to my honor/wealth,” if I’m right?
Busola: Wealth. The Lord added to my wealth or blessings.
TPM: What a wonderful name. So, how would you describe what you’re involved in apart from schoolwork?


Busola: Aside schooling, I’m a writer and am also involved in community engagement and advocacy. I run a personal blog centred on politics and international relations.
TPM: Wow, sounds interesting. Are you studying anything related to that? If so, where?


Busola: Thank you. Yes, I’m currently studying International Law and Diplomacy at Babcock University.


TPM: Cool. Regarding community engagement and advocacy, could you touch down on those for a moment? How does that work? Have there been seminars or activities etc.
Busola: Community engagement on one side revolves around community development through voluntary services. I believe a country can only develop when every citizen sees nation-building as a collective responsibility. There have been leadership talks across secondary schools, and an HIV/AIDS project self-sponsored to that effect. Advocacy, on the other hand deals, with human rights activism. Most of my advocacy roles are done via my social media space and sometimes via my blog. I’m currently conducting my project research in the field of human rights.
TPM: That’s remarkable. I’m more proud to be Nigerian thinking about what you’re doing. And when did the desire to actualize this dream of yours begin?
Busola: Thank you very much for the kind words. I believe it had always been a big part of me. I remember arguing a lot growing up and writing about discrimination back in secondary school. The major move started in my first year on campus so I started gathering momentum and doing a lot of self-discovery until my third year when I told myself I was ready to do the things I’ve talked and wrote about.
TPM: Do you have a team or do you work solo? And what about first year on campus pushed you to start?
Busola: It depends on what you really define a team as. I don’t have an official team, but I’m privileged to have amazing friends with like passion, and they are my major team members. We work together and share ideas from time to time.
First year on campus made me aware of little things that I consider germane. On few occasions, I had to pick around the lecture hall because it was too dirty and no one was ready to act. Another occasion, I organized and taught tutorials for my colleagues, particularly within my hall. I was learning a lot about myself. It helped me discover my passion for a different Nigeria while serving my immediate community.
TPM: A heart of service. Are you sure you don’t wanna run for office? Well then, can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?
Busola: Hahaha I’m considering it. I’m currently holding a position in my department anyways.
Truth is I feel like giving up many times. My team in school put together a career conference late last year and I was tempted to cancel as the head of the team a lot of times mostly due to funding and logistical issues. What kept me going was the bigger picture, and so, instead of quitting, I put in extra efforts in raising funds and assess the plans made.
TPM: Wow, your departmental position and display of fortitude are just amazing.


Now, we’re winding down, so we’ll just ask some light questions. What’s your favorite meal?
Busola: I’m not sure I have one. I’m a lover of plantain anyways.
TPM: If you worked in a restaurant, what role would you want?


Busola: Hmmmm, I would want to be the Customer Relations Officer.
TPM: Mama for the people. What’s a fun fact about you you probably still won’t put on your resumé?


Busola: Hahaha! I joke from time to time (pure sarcasm). I remember a friend asking me to try out stand-up comedy once.
TPM: We’ll buy your tickets and sponsor you if you later attempt it!


What would you describe your work ethic as? Are you a non-stop worker or do you prefer taking things slowly?
Busola: Let’s hope and see.


As much as I work consistently, I put in a lot of effort, I still believe in taking things slowly when it’s needed. Emphasis on when it’s needed. Some things need to be done with much intensity and some things require time. The balance is wisdom.
TPM: That’s very profound. What’s your favorite quote?
Busola: I like to think I have one but really I don’t have a favorite quote. I particularly love quotes from Maya Angelou. Permit my indecisiveness, but I particularly love this one from Tosyn Bucknor:


All you need to become is already in you at the most basic’
TPM: Are you poetic then? Maybe you’ll recite to us a poem later?


Penultimate question: any sharable long term plans?


Busola: Oh far from it.
I plan to start up an NGO focusing on leadership and sustainable development and work with the United Nations.


TPM: Wonderful. We wish you the best. Finally, how can people get to you? What are your social media handles? And any final words for anyone reading this?
Busola: Thank you so much!


Twitter and Instagram: @the_busolami and my blog is multidesk.wordpress.com.
There are no too big dreams; there are only small minds. This is one thing I’ve constantly told myself each time I share my biggest aspiration with people and I get laughed at because they think it’s impossible. There’s nothing like a too big or impossible of a dream.


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