TPM: Hi, Tomisin!

TPM: I’m Celine Aju from The Perspective Movement.

Tomisin: Hey hey!

TPM: Could you please introduce yourself to us?

Tomisin: My name is Tomisin Akinwunmi, CEO & Founder of Lucid Lemons 🍋 I’m a twenty-one year-old undergraduate product design student.

TPM: Ms. Tomisin, could you please tell us a bit about yourself? Like your favourite meal,  favourite thing to do,  favourite place to eat…?

Tomisin: Mm okay, well I’m a bit of a workaholic. I spend a lot of my free time on design work or finding new music, reading up on the latest finds and getting lost in YouTube. I love seafood, so you can find me anywhere where there’s really good seafood.

TPM: Hmm seafood sounds yummy. You mentioned founding Lucid Lemons. Could you tell us a bit about that?

Tomisin: Lucid Lemons is an e-platform for like-minded young individuals to come together and exchange views on real issues. Our brand encapsulates a business hub, a virtual journal that documents the issues we face as a community, a compilation of various and varied opinions, an informative digest of interviews, and a wide variety of content that is educative, entertaining, and enlightening.

TPM: Wow! That’s a lot! What brought the creation of Lucid Lemons?

Tomisin: It started off as an escape route for myself and friends that felt trapped in degrees that did not reflect their creative passion. It was born out of a little frustration, meaningful conversation, and passion for what we love

TPM: I smell passion all over Lucid Lemons. Why the name Lucid Lemons though ?

Tomisin: To be lucid is also to have an open mind, which is really what we are about. Creativity opens our minds and gives us an opportunity to view our world in multiple experiences. It speaks life and acts like a third eye, showing us what was, what is and what is to come. And this is why our platform exists.

Lemons because I love them. The experience of the first taste of a lemon can be likened to the experience of becoming lucid.

TPM: I must admit your train of thought is really intriguing, Tomisin. Out of curiosity, how long would you say Lucid Lemons was an idea in your mind before it became a reality?

Tomisin: Haha thank you,  Mmm about a year, then I finally put together my team.

TPM: Wow, that’s a long time.  Why would you say it took that long?

Tomisin: I was in my final year of A-levels; I didn’t really have a lot of free time to develop my ideas to a point I felt confident in my plan.

TPM: Cautious decision making. What would you say was or is the biggest obstacle Lucid Lemons has faced or is facing?

Tomisin: I would say stability because my team is made up of students, and we all have multiple commitments, but we try as much as we can to stay as consistent as we can.

TPM: The student life struggle. I can totally relate.  But are there any active steps or ideas on how to work around this?

Tomisin: Yeah, there’s a number of apps we use to keep organized and on top of things, such as Buffer. Communication is also key and the structure of our brand makes this easy, as well as our group chats

TPM: Amazing! What were the first steps you took to bring Lucid Lemons to life?

Tomisin: First, getting my parents on board with my idea, then getting a team together who believed in the same dream I did.

TPM: Parents! You don’t hear about them everyday. What’s the average year like with Lucid Lemons?  Events talks, etc?

Tomisin: Haha well mine are very supportive of our work.  As regards the average year, it entails monthly themes, The Lemon Curd, competitions and partnerships with other creatives and creative brands had been synonymous with Lucid Lemons over the years, but this year we’re introducing more areas to the website which include video content, more pop-up events and more interactivity.

TPM: Busy as bees this year!  Anything TPM can specifically look out for and maybe participate in?

Tomisin: The Lemon Curd 3! We have so much in store for this year’s music festival.

TPM: We will try to be present! On that note I would like to ask for insight on any sharable long term plans for lucid lemons?

Tomisin: I would really like to host more educational events for young kids thinking of going into the creative industry and for adults too to be honest, so they can see that a career in the creative industry is not a destructive choice

TPM: Okay, Tomisin!  Sounds like an amazing idea. Holla at TPM anytime and we’ll see how we can help out with that. When embarking on such ingenuous adventures like Lucid Lemons we tend to have down days. What would you say keeps you going? Like a watch word or mantra.

Tomisin: I think being around supportive people and having great friends and family keeps me going. As for a mantra, I have loads for different occasions, but I would say the one that comes to me the most is “stay up” for when I’m sad, feeling a bit low, unmotivated, or really when I have far too much work to do but tiredness is getting to me.


TPM: In my interviewing experience that’s not a mantra you hear from just anyone. It’s a rare one I must admit. Everyone, Tomisin Akinwunmi says to always “STAY UP”!!! Thank you so much, Tomisin. This has been a very thought process-altering interview.

TPM: Have a lovely day🙂

Tomisin: Awesome! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

* Pictures from The Lemon Curd (the girl with the fan is Tomisin, and the rest are performers *
Ademide Adepetun (2).jpg Tomisin.jpg Santi.jpeg DO.jpeg JJC - Mufasa x TomiT.jpg
Odunsi The Engine.jpg Lady Donli.jpg

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