Afraid of your wrath
I fold myself into the wall
praying for my shield to suffice this one time

maybe just this one time
my screams will touch your heart
and you won’t be so cruel

blending my thick melanin filled skin
the same skin you oiled with your kisses

with the table your mouth is fed
your voice shaking the infant we nurtured
stirring him from his untroubled rest to see our troubled mess
my sobs a melody to your bass
my scream the tone to your rhythm
wind being pushed out of my lungs
fists colliding with my face
rearranging the masterpiece you fell in love with
the face you once called angelic
your feet collapsing on my belly shaking the baby we made
shaking him into this world as red liquid

your words corrupting the heart I opened for you
a blessing turned to a burden
is what I’ve become
finally your knees come crashing to the floor
your eyes witness the damage
and your palms kiss my skin
to find the scars you made
you found all but one

the one in my heart

yet my heart still yearns for you
but you can never be forgiven

because this hurt is timeless

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