TPM: Good afternoon Michael, how are you?

Michael: Great afternoon to you too

TPM: Please could you introduce yourself to us?

Michael: Ok. I am Ishiguzo Michael Chijioke. I am a self-realization therapist, female advocate, anti-immorality agent and founder of The Battlefield Foundation.

TPM: Wow that’s a lot of things that you are Michael. Could you please break it down for us?

Michael: Ok. I am one who is passionate about helping people come to know who they really are and live it out, I advocate for the building up of the female being by herself regardless of societal restrictions. Making them know they are not objects that can be used but have the ability to do greatly and achieve much.

Anti-immorality…well this is a cleaning agent of immorality and that led to the Organization. A single name for all this is Famous Warrior (it’s my name actually)

TPM: Wow! Permission to call you Famous Warrior?

Michael: That’s okay by me.

TPM: OK, Famous Warrior, what shaped you to be coming this warrior?

Michael: Well, it was more like my confusion about who I was. I didn’t see myself fitting into this world’s system of schooling and getting a job to live by. I always felt I had something to do and give and not just seek to assist the already working structure. So I took it to God in prayer and I began connecting with people who I saw doing things I would love to do. Finally I got this vision of being the Famous Warrior.

TPM: And this entails being a self-realisation therapist, female advocate, anti-immorality agent and a founder of The Battlefield Foundation?

Michael: Yes.

TPM: Could you tell us in detail what this entails on a daily basis for you? Or how this has shaped your life?

Michael: I have people whom I counsel and I also run an online platform. Studying is key for me alongside all other things that come up in this pursuit.

TPM: Studying?

Michael: Yes I read books. They help me know. I can’t be trying to help one find self or give advice without having in-depth knowledge on such matters. Counseling is real work and I just have to know my stuff asides from my own thoughts.

TPM: Any particular authors you stick to a lot?

Michael: Robert Kiyosaki, Joyce Meyer, Andrew Wommack and Benny Hinn.

TPM: That’s some heavy stuff you read.  Famous Warrior, you founded a foundation. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Michael: Ok. The organization is by name The Battlefield Foundation, an organization set out to eradicate immorality around the globe through the feminine gender.

TPM: What initiated the birth of this foundation?

Michael: Now this is more of a heavenly assignment. I earlier said I sought to know my purpose in life from God and the foundation was given to me. I initially was just a random speaker on right values and norms then God gave me this.

TPM: Amazing. So how long was this just an idea before it became practical and what did you do to make it practical?

Michael: Now I caught this vision in 2014 and began that year. I was in a boarding school (all boys) so I started with the people I had around me. I ran the platform for three weeks and stopped because of academic engagement. Then I graduated the following year and got a bit distracted. I finally came back into line in 2016. Now, when I was about to start in the community where I live, I first went back to God and He made me meet two people, whom I told about this vision, and they keyed into it. We made fliers and announced our opening date, and then we started and since then we have been on.

TPM: Fantastic! What would you say is or has been the biggest obstacle for you and how did/do you plan on overcoming it?

Michael: Well this is one: my dad. He never liked the idea and still is yet to fully buy into it. He only began having slight interest when he heard of the conference I held and how people spoke about it. Well what I did was carry on with the plans. I told God he will have to take care of dad. My dad will ground me and I wasn’t allowed to go out or attend seminars. I would sometimes be left without cash just so that I don’t go anywhere. I am still going through this but it’s way lighter because he’s seen my zeal and heard of the success. I still love him and consider all this a training process. It’s not easy – trust me – but zeal and determination works at points of obstacles.

TPM: So, Famous Warrior, in times when things seem out of place and the flesh is weak, what keeps you going?  Do you have a watch word or mantra you repeat to yourself?

Michael: Focus! That’s one thing my dad always told me when I was a smaller boy. I keep telling myself: FOCUS!

TPM: Amazing!  A one-word motivation.  Do you have any upcoming events or long term plans you wouldn’t mind sharing with us so we can turn up or support you?

Michael: I am currently working on my first book. Also, our second conference coming up in August, and we are working on creating an article magazine on morality.

TPM: We look forward to the conference and the magazine.  Good luck with your book. Thank you very much, Famous Warrior, for your time we are very grateful.

Michael: Thank you for having me.

Find more about him and his foundation on

Facebook: The Battlefield Foundation



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