TPM: Good Evening
Ginnis photographer: Hello
TPM: How was your day?
Ginnis photographer: Fine thank yours?
TPM: I’m Celine Aju. Please may I know your name?
Ginnis photographer: I’m Ginikanwa Ifeanyi Emmanuel
TPM: Do you have any special title or name you’d like to be addressed by through out this interview?
Ginnis photographer: Just call me Ginnis.
TPM: Okay Ginis What are you currently involved in? School, work, charity otherwise?
Ginnis photographer: I school, I just also started charity outreach
TPM: Could you please tell us a bit about that ?
Ginnis photographer: Yes I would love that. My cousin Kunbi inspired the charity outreach we feed children on the streets on Christmas day
TPM: Oh wow that’s amazing
TPM: Is there a name for this charity?
Ginnis photographer: It was Dropbox 2017. The driving force is to keep my moms legacy alive she died of cancer . So, we at Ginnis photography want to help the cancer society but we have to start from somewhere so we started with feeding children on Christmas day.
TPM: Wow, I’m sorry about your mum. Could you please tell us about Ginis photography?
Ginnis photographer: Ginnis photography is a brand with two makeup artists and two artists who draw images. It began after trying out a very Prosperous fruit salad business that had transportation issues. But Ginis Photography is much more than photography with the cancer support objective We try our best to document precious moments at clients events and give our them an experience never to be forgotten.
TPM: With the cancer support motive Why photography?
Ginnis photographer: So I would be able to tell stories if you have watched “All eyes on me” an autobiography on 2pac.I plan to shoot something similar on the life and death of my mom capturing the pain and key moments.
TPM: No I haven’t but I look forward to seeing yours. With so much ambition I must ask, what are some of your greatest accomplishments so far with Ginis photography?
Ginnis photographer: I have had the opportunity of working with two Nigerian Celebrities
TPM: How do you plan on using photography to support cancer patients? Any particular ngo’s or hospitals you have plans to work with?
Ginnis photographer: I have friends and we will do it together. Any NGO can care to support We don’t need all the noise we are currently just putting money together.
TPM: That’s amazing, How long have you been at photography?
Ginnis photographer: 1 year now
TPM: Wow! What’s been your biggest obstacle?
Ginnis photographer: Doing late night jobs
My father does not like it I can really do late night jobs except I disobey because the money is plenty Or the connect is beneficial
But you gave to really beg my daddy
TPM: Oh wow
TPM: How long was Ginnis photography an idea before it became a reality and how did you go about making it a reality?
Ginnis photographer: For like two months it was an idea then i had to find someone to teach me The skill.
TPM: Then you began?
Ginnis photographer: Yes in 2016 Sept
TPM: What would you say your watch word or mantra during this journey has been?
Ginnis photographer: Nothing is impossible..
TPM: And what would you say keeps you going everyday?
Ginnis photographer: There are actually three things …
The smile I get after delivering a picture to a Client, Making my mom proud and The money
TPM: What active steps did you take to make Ginnis a brand.? What were your baby steps?
Ginnis photographer: Organising it, getting people to work and believe in the vision,  growing the brand with trusted people, and appreciating the effort of everybody on board
TPM: Do you have any sharable long term plans ?
Ginnis photographer: Long term plans is to travel to displaced countries and states to document life and show it to the world how man suffers…
TPM: Wow you’re one with huge plans
TPM: Thank you very much Mr Ginnis! This has been an amazing interview.
Ginnis photographer: Small small, I ask my questions too
TPM: Oh ok sure
Ginnis photographer: How did you find us?
TPM: You were nominated by one of our members.
Ginnis photographer: Why Ginnis?
TPM: It’s a Nigerian brand by a young and enterprising, individual who is making a life in Nigeria which goes to disband the negative view that there is no hope or prospects in Nigeria for the younger generation
Ginnis photographer: I get now, nice, thank you
TPM: Also would you mind us posting your social media handles so people can support your work?
Ginnis photographer: Ginnis_photography
TPM: Thank you for your time
Ginnis photographer: Thank you too.


Here are some of Ginnis’ outstanding photographs:

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