Moremi Glossary& Explanations

  • Straw mat: straw-mat-kora-mat-692479.jpg
  • Quarters: In traditional Yoruba settings, many houses of the wealthy were built in a certain structure. There would usually be a compound, and houses would be built around the centre of the compound, forming a courtyard in the centre[1]. Each individual building could be taken to be a family member’s house/ quarters:12a72529660f3084a35c2ac70a45b2ca.jpg


  • Beads: Beads were a sign of wealth and status during the Ife empire in Yorubaland. Queen Moremi’s beads are a sign of her status as queen[2]
  • Ijakadi: Ijakadi means wrestling. Wrestling is a commonly enjoyed pass-time in Offa.
  • Offa: A village in Kwara. Although some argue that Offa was not founded until the 1400s, many accounts believe that Queen Moremi hails from Offa. For the sake of this work, we reside with the belief that Offa was founded around 1000AD[3]
  • Oranmiyan: A Yoruba King believed to be Queen Moremi’s husband[4].
  • iro& buba: e77634543a43315ae9e2a280741e06bc.jpgShirt and wrapper, part of traditional Yoruba women’s clothing.Picture source: 
  • Suku: A hairstyle often worn by queens in Yoruba land.


Source: Pintrest

  • Royal Drummers: In many royal settings in Yorubaland, there are drummers dedicated to the Oba/King
  • Olofa/Oloffa: Ruler/King of Offa[3]
  • Eesa: Second in command to Olofa[3]
  • The crown and Ife: “The Crown” refers to the reverence of Ile Ife.

Bibliography Page

[1]“The Evolution of Traditional Yoruba Architecture.” This Is Africa, 19 Dec. 2017,

[2]“Yoruba traditional beads: A rich blend of royalty, history, aesthetics.” Tribune, 24 Jan. 2017,



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