The dark cold night

Whispers as a cruel man

Crawls into her

How frightened,

How scared she is

As her value is taken


By a selfish, old rag.


Her cries, her screams,

Her tears drizzle down her slim, bony, face

Like cold water running drown a stream

Just after swift, but heavy rainfall.


He softly places his cold, wrinkled hands

Onto her tender moist, chocolate skin,

“Soothing” her.


She screams.


He had once again–

His deceit

And betrayal to her parents.


He lights the candle

In her dark and lonely hut

To feel her warmth,

The precious value his wife cannot give him.


At the sharp pain she feels,

He laughs.

So savage,

As he throws her onto the wall.

Ripping open her temples,

Pouring the blood down the side

Of her left cheek.


The joy she once had, now taken away from her

A bronze coin he tossed at her shivering feet

As a caged mouth longs to speak.




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