Egwu Ke- Angel C. Nduka-Nwosu


The Igbo say

“E gbuo dike n’ogu ulo, ha ga-echeta
ya n’agha buru ibu”

If a warrior is killed
In a local fight
He would be remembered
When a big war comes

As I write
There is a python dance
Happening in Umiahia
Where the python
Seeks to dance away
The normal course of history

Where the pythons who
Banned the teaching
Of the history of Biafra
Seek to dance away
The same youth who they
Never fed the patriotism of the Nigerian dream

They these pythons
With their bellies swinging
With Nigeria’s oil
Failed to remember
The multiple roaring lions
Of tribalism
Of poverty
Of illiteracy
That they thought were killed after that January of 1970
When Ojukwu ran away
From Biafra
To “seek other options”

But even then
Unu these hungry youths
Unu these people who now scream Biafra

Unu realize that
When wars are waged,
Unu would be used to help
The leader profit
While unu die?

Unu realize that?

Unu should not
Beat the drums
Even the pythons at home
Supposed to preotect unu
Would sway their
Isi ewu and underservind
Chieftancy titled filled
Bellies too


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