The blue sky turns dark grey,

The beautiful sun shyly shrinks behind the doubtful clouds,

The leaves rustle about the friendly breeze.


The views from inside my hut,

The sigh from the drizzling

Whispers troubles into my ears.


My master is coming.


The footsteps I hear,





I see the raindrops begin to dance

The rythm of the fall gets me

Gets me right off my feet.


It takes me back

To the times that have passed,

To the stories I heard,

The drumming I danced to.

The memories I have

Fill my cold heart.


My master calls out for me,

The drops of rain kiss my beautiful golden dark chocolate skin.

His orders become my desires,

The rain scurries down my shoulders like rocks down a hill.

My shoulder is cold,

But as he smiles in slight gratitude,

My heart is warm.


How I fall in love with my master is, and will remain a mystery.


Soon the rhythm I dance to slowly stops

The moves of my master soothen into my heart

I say my farewells


And my blue sky

And beautiful sun

Return to my dark, cold, lonely world.

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