Our Founding Perspective



People often argue that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, that one can only be deemed beautiful if the judge believes they are. It is inevitable that different judges have different opinions, giving rise to some sort of conflict which, by numerous traditions, is often resolved by an “ultimate” or “worthy”; possibly even superior judge, nonetheless, one’s categorization lies in the hands of another. Compare the exterior of an egg to its interior. For instance, one can conclude that an egg is a brown or cream solid, oval object or that it is a clear liquid with a yellow substance floating in it. Although both views directly contradict each other, they both describe the egg quite accurately. In this case, the description of the egg lies not in the hands of the observer, but in their perspective. Officially defined as a way of thinking about something”, perspective depends largely on the portrayal of the subject as things are often misunderstood after they are poorly presents; such as culture, tradition, dressing and lifestyle.

Taking this into consideration, The PERSPECTIVE Movement believes strongly in the beauty of the various cultures which are native to Nigeria. We see our culture as out path to success with the appropriate additional and exclusions focusing strongly on the beauty, history, philosophy and morals of our culture, PERSPECTIVE is pushing for Nigerians to adopt the proper perspective of our country, as a starting point for a change in Nigeria.

It is said that “he who loves the vase loves also what is inside”. Unfortunately, what is inside of Nigeria is blatant bribery and corruption, empowered by misguided youths and sadly, undeserving leaders. However, what Nigeria is, is a gorgeous expression of culture, talent, potential, and morals. As PERSPECTIVIE also urges Nigerians to fall in love with their culture, we also encourage them to love what is in Nigeria. Upon success, through the love of fellow Nigerians, we will find ourselves helping each other to strive towards, and even achieve, greatness. PERSPECTIVE hopes to sell a unique viewpoint of Nigeria in order to attract those who will help to improve the country.

The success of this movement will bring Nigerians comfort and pride. Comfort will be derived easily from the work of young, innovative Nigerians who will properly manage the resources or our country upon their arrival. Nigeria’s economy will grow exponentially, allowing for better roads, electricity, education and healthcare. Moreover, the portrayal of Nigeria as majestic will put Nigerians on a platform of superiority when compared to other countries. The purpose of PERSPECTIVE is to endeavour to attract aid and become a part of the body that will catalyse these changes in Nigeria.

George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM is a satire which stirred the minds of the authorities in the Soviet State to the extent that it was banned from publication. Orwell’s mockery of the government was inarguably effective as the writer did not only expose the authorities, but also frightened them in the same vein, PERSPECTIVE will use arts in addition to economic and scientific proposals, plans, projects and reports to stir the minds of our target audience, to aid the government in terms of suggestions, and to encourage youthful innovation. We believe that by aiding both our present and future leaders, we can achieve our goals faster.

Nigeria is inarguably rich and in order to move forward, we need to acknowledge our potential. In direct contrast to the numerous doomsday predictions for our country, this is our perspective of Nigeria.


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