I'm rather brown, and so I don't go red. But inside, I'm as red as a tomato. All the heat in my body peaks at my nose. My tears are warm and ready to pour down my cheeks. It's that feeling of inadequacy and pure frustration I get when people disregard my struggles and present theirs as more worthy of sympathy. It's that terrible sense of confusion that engulfs me as I consider arguing for the validity of my pain, considering that the more valid mine, the less valid everyone elses'. It's that one word, "ajebutter," that quickly defines and explains all I have felt and accomplished, and why. It's the fact that "people have suffered more," that means that what causes me to throb, is but a prick to the "ajepakos."

This poll isn't meant to classify or determine what it really means to fall into either of these groups, but rather to get you thinking and for you to also see how others have voted. Please keep an open mind, answer the questions objectively and comment!


Here's the point:

There's a cycle, in which ajebos feel like they are "less Nigerian" or feel guilty for being well off around other groups, while ajepakos will feel like they are being snubbed or judged. No group hates the other, but lack of proper interaction simply means there's so much room for error in assuming what members of the other group mean. Rich, poor, young, old, we are all Nigerian. From the poll, you would probably find that there is much that makes us different, but also much that makes us similar. We might not be exactly the same, but we are all human. Our duty to one another is to love each other, regardless of our differences.


…couldn't resist

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