Third mainland is still hungry

I once heard that before your foundations were laid,

the water goddesses and marine spirits

had to be appeased

in order for your foundations to even hold.
The person who told me this

said it was standard Nigerian practice

even for the building of roads

because the gods hate an intrusion

and are always hungry for blood.
I laughed at the person’s analysis of your beginning:

Human and animal blood was sacrificed

In order to prevent more bloodshed

Deriving from the anger of the gods
But now Third Mainland 

Link between Island and Mainland

Most senior of Carter and Marina Bridges

It seems you are still hungry

Do you want us to sacrifice 

All the virgins in Lagos for you?

Because we are not going to.
Or should we smear your railings 

and handlebars with goat blood?

Maybe just to remind those seeking respite

In the waters that their blood 

Is being waited for to be used

As a nice concluding dessert?
Most senior of Carter and Marina

Is the story I heard true?

Are you angry that it was

The unclean hands of thieves

Who performed your sacrificial rites?

Is that why you swallow people

All the time?

Or I’m I just hearing 

Another typical Nigerian story for the gods?
The End

By Angel C. Nduka-Nwosu

16th April 2017

Twitter &Instagram: @msndukanwosu

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