To greet or not to greet


There’s a certain high to growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. The festivals, the food, the people. Imagine just running down the streets at the crack of dawn, to the sound of a choir of birds whistling into the sunset, as they elegantly prance from tree to tree, from compound to compound, as if joyfully delivering a message of bliss to the entire city. It’s such a rush—until you forget to greet someone.

I like to take it that Naija kids know better than to  forget to greet someone who’s older than them. I’ll give you a real excuse:

The terrible Whatsapp message going around Lagos—and there’s always a terrible Whatsapp message going around Lagos—this time, about a girl who greeted some men who recorded her voice and used it for a ritual that eventually killed her. You’re obviously not about that life. So you conveniently don’t greet everybody.

But make sure you don’t take this too far and get brave enough to not greet your mother before you leave the house—this, in effect, will mean that you have to crash at Efe’s place for a couple of nights.

The point is, deciding who to greet is a nerve-wrecking decision that every Nigerian teenager must make frequently. So, on to the million dollar question: to greet, or not  to greet?






Point: remember to greet people who are older than you, or you know what’s coming!


6 thoughts on “To greet or not to greet

  1. Good piece of writing,I think the points about whether or not to greet is clearly stated giving the circumstances…. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Wooo…..very good write up, it all depends on d situation, sometimes u have to greet most especially when being caught, sometimes u don’t greet when not seen in order not to get into more trouble…nice one


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