I see,


I feel,


I see the end products of what I have envisaged.

The tall buildings,

The traditional architecture,

The intricate patterns

Of Mfon`s dress

Made out of purple linen.

The world that I have created

A stunning spectrum of colors,

The truth that is “Africa”,



I remain blinded by the pressure to please

To offer up ransom for my perceived flaws

To accept my blackness as an impairment unfixable

Such is my past that I have had to relive the days

When I was plunged into a sea with no lifesaver,

A sea of voices jabbing at my heart

Like electric eels,

Slowly sapping the energy out of me.


My very being holds up like a blindfold

Blocking the light of my inner eye

From whence worlds are created.

I am bent over like the chronically infirm

Forced to bear the weight of the world

And all that’s wrong in it


Now Jimmy wonders what it Feels Like

To listen to His Last wishes

Boom from a box like a Paradox

Forcing her to reconsider her ability to be a Leader

In the midst of rubble and trouble

In this bubble that we call home.


But defiance helps me keep Perspective

To recreate the beauty that I know I am capable of

A kaleidoscope of stars shining through the dark, formless void

A billion pictures of hope to attract peoples of the world as of fireflies

To light and initiate them

Into this cult

That builds it`s own special eye that sees only that which is beautiful.

– Celine Aju






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