Creating Utopia

You, my home

You, my nationality

You, rich in festivity

You, my nativity

Me, the curse on your fertility

Me, the voice in obscurity

Me, the prophet of negativity

Me, the run-away solider.

Us, a fusion of perfect harmony

Us, bliss and fruity dexterity

Us, a home of tranquillity

Us, bound by the ability to create the ideal society.

Alienated we fail to conquer

Basing on generality we suffocate

Mumbling we suffer

Succumbing we deteriorate

Emulating we suffer in mediocrity

Running we endure undue extortion

Emulating we forfeit our identity

Running, the sore image bound to your application

In hate your words our situation worsen

In anger your “little” disobedience corrosion proliferates

In frustration your lack of prayer your stress mounds

In inaction our hardship intensifies

Diversifying we explore

Exploring we grow

Growing we learn to sow

Sowing we will always reap.

To reap we must sweat

In sweat we eat

After we eat

We smile

To smile there must be alteration

To our sour utterances

Our minds the home of destructive utterances

Need a thorough bleaching

To erase negativity

Allow creativity to thrive

To smile there must be alteration

To our sour utterances

Our hands the fulcrum of action

Need support from the masses

To make sturdy

Our innovations

For our supplication

To move from anticipation

To being the conversation

Of general appreciation

We must embrace asperity

Like mothers endure contractions

Before the baby comes into reality

Pain is inevitable

Change is not impossible

Although the rot is indiscernible

Now the community

We fail to see our identity

But, with new lenses

The help of an artist

The hands of the architect

The bond of society

You and me

The perfect us can create

The ideal society.

Not independently


Working in like-minded Constellations

Pursuing like-minded philosophies

From different parts of society

Fused together

Like the touch of a mother

Smoothing rough edges

Cleaning dirty ears

Washing dirty socks

Blowing leaking nostrils

For the perfection of child`s health

Our functioning in diversity

Causes extreme happiness

Bringing us closer to perfection.

In time


Our personalized utopia will almost be.

-Celine Aju

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