What’s Your Perspective?

Some say Nigeria is a beautiful country

Others say it’s a country with no future

And even more say that it’s destined for failure

Some see a nation blooming with dazzling beauty

With various cultures each displaying their identity

Industries are expanding and the GDP is rising

Thus telling the world to take Nigeria seriously

Our country has the largest economy in Africa

It’s even also the continent’s largest oil exporter

We see many multinationals and franchises

Establishing themselves in our country Why?

Simply because Nigeria is a fast-growing economy

However Others see it as a country plagued with a sever disease

A disease that can wipe out an entire species

Or in this case, and entire economy

That disease goes by the name of ‘Corruption’ It brings shame to the people; it scars the nation

So much dishonesty and theft within the government

We wonder if they’re trying to help the country or harm us

It’s terrible when a politician steals from the national funds

Just to recover his costs from his family trip to the Bahamas

Oh, and don’t even let me get started on NEPA Not to mention that in most places, there’s poor infrastructure

But the future of this country lies in the upcoming generation It’s not all in the hands of Buhari,

We too carry the future of the nation

What we decide to do with it hinges on our views about it

Like a great person once said, when kinetic energy is minimum

Potential energy is at its maximum

So when it looks like Nigeria isn’t advancing or growing, remember this theory

We simply just need to understand the country’s potential; it’s that easy

So when you look at Nigeria, what do you see?

Yes the answer is subjective, and probably most of them would be negative

But truly, what matters most is your perspective.

-Mojolaoluwa Oke

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