The City Under The Rock

Abeokuta, the city under the rock

My hometown, a city which I love

A wonderful place, continuously developing

A delicate land, with its beauty enveloping

As an Egba boy, I represent my town

Embracing my culture, expressing it all around

I see splendor in my people

So I don’t fear to be one of them

I see them as strong, as opposed to feeble

So I dare not pretend

The beauty of the city,

Our pride that we love dearly,

Is none other than Olumo Rock

The mountain range existing since ancient times

Like a mammoth protecting its brood,

Olumo Rock stood

Like the O.G. standing up for his ‘hood,

Olumo Rock did us good

Now with the occurring development

And spurring enhancements

The city under the rock, literally

Is becoming something else

It’s no longer a landscape that’s hilly

But is now a scenery that’s picturesque

And just like the meaning of the Rock

The city is a place where all the troubles and sufferings were over

-Mojolaoluwa Oke.

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