What teaches them is the past.

It’s neither the violence nor the rape,

Nor the oppression, nor the pain.

It’s the remembrance of a society that greed has overthrown.

Pain is relative.

You don’t know good until you’ve seen bad,

Or sweet until you’ve tasked sour.

You don’t know anything, until you meet its converse.

I wish we had accepted this theory,

Like obedient children,

Who never wonder into the forest,

And are never attacked by snakes.

Because the venom is all too lethal.

Our Great City of Peace!

Where intelligence thrived,

And African civilization flourished.

It has become the antithesis of the past.

I do not fear the bombs, the guns, or the threats of today,

But the mistakes of a past,

In an attempt to freeze them in time,

Where they can hurt my people no more.

-Similoluwa Aluko

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